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Tax Deferral
If your investment goal is saving for retirement, you might ask yourself, “How can my investment potentially grow if I’m being taxed at every turn?”

What if we told you there are ways to delay the impact of taxes today and save money on what you’ll have to give back to Uncle Sam in the future, while potentially taking home more money per year. Interested? We thought so.

Unlike many other investments, contributing to your employer’s tax-deferred plan could help because the money put into your account and any interest it accrues won’t be taxed by the IRS until you withdraw it from the plan. (If you’re shrugging your shoulders and asking how putting off the inevitable could be beneficial, let us remind you that you may be in a lower tax bracket at retirement.) In the long run, you may net more on your nest egg.

With an opportunity to have less taxes taken from your current income while saving for the future, the potential benefits of investing in a tax-deferred plan are clear. Contact Meghan Doherty your ING representative at 415-364-2017 for more information about the products and services available through the ING family of companies.

ING does not offer tax or legal advice. You should consult with your legal and tax advisors regarding your individual situation. Securities offered through ING Financial Advisers, LLC (Member SIPC), 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06156.


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