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SFFD FF Larry Yup (T-11) wins All-Around Gold Medal Bowls 300 game during CA Firefighters Olympics
By Bob Serrano
At the 35th Annual California Firefighters’ Olympics SFFD Firefighter Larry Yup (T-11) bowled a 300 game and earned the All-Around Individual Gold Medal.

The perfect game was thrown during the A Division competition for the Singles event. After the first six strikes in his third game, other bowlers and spectators started gathering behind Larry to watch his progress. By the ninth strike, everyone had stopped bowling and the army of spectators were silently cheering - you could hear a pin drop (ha-ha). Larry then threw a very powerful 10th ball, but two pins were left standing. As Larry dejectedly turned around, a stillmoving pin ricocheted off the side wall and came back and knocked down the two remaining pins, completing his strike. The crowd roared!! Larry turned around and realized the last two pins were down, giving him his tenth strike. After composing himself he threw two more solid strikes, completing his perfect game. The crowd came unglued and rushed to congratulate him!

The SFFD was well represented at this years’ tournament and was one of the events in the Firefighters’ Summer Olympics which were held July 16-21 in San Jose and hosted by San Jose Firefighters Local 230.
Results for the bowling events:


Individual Gold Medal: Larry Yup - T-11

Bronze Medal - Team:

Frank Abaloa - Airport St. 2
Aldo Rizotto - E-43
Terry Woo - Airport St. 2
Larry Yup - T-11

A Division

Silver Medal - Individual Terry Woo - Airport St. 2

B Division

Gold Medal - Team: Dave Britt - E-3 (+ 3 members from another city)

C Division

Silver Medal - Doubles:

Jim Moore - BOE
Willie Wong - T-14

D Division

Bronze Medal - Individual: Mario Romero - E-11

Gold Medal - Doubles:

Warren Derr - E-1
Jim McCoy - BFP (ret)

Congratulations to Larry Yup and to all the participants!

Photos provided by Al Rizotto

Bass Fishing @ Russo’s Marina in the California Delta
Lou Bacciocco and Bill Wickliffe came home with bronze medals in this two day team event that had 32 teams competing. The gold went to Oakland Fire and the silver went to Alameda County.

Nipping at Lou and Bills’ heels the whole time from SFFD were the teams of John Rocco/Tom Kohmann and Pat Gardner/Jim Coyne.

Bronze Medalists Bill Wickliffe (L) and Lou Bacciocco (R)
Photos provided by Bill Wickliffe


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