Retiree News

By Brendan O’Leary, Director
Based on information from the Fire Commission, the following have retired from the San Francisco Fire Department. If any of this information is inaccurate or if there is anyone missing from this list, please contact Brendan O’Leary at the Union Office. Congratulations to all the retirees.
Lawrence Ho H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Ind. Dis 01/05/03
Kim L. Purcell H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Ind. Dis 12/06/03
Stuart G. Sprung H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Ind. Dis 03/01/05
Joel E. Voboril H2 Firefighter Ind. Dis. 03/31/05
Daren W. Jenner H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Ind. Dis. 09/04/05
William Chow 7388 Utility Plumber Service 11/19/05
Robert Territo H20 Lieutenant Service 11/21/05
Vincent Passanisi H2 Firefighter Service 11/29/05
Matthew Monroe H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Ind. Dis 12/20/05
Linda Von Wartburg H2 Firefighter Service 01/01/06
John P. Pieretti H2 Firefighter Service 01/02/06
Thomas Ross H2 Firefighter Service 01/02/06
Mark J. Johnson H20 Lieutenant Service 01/03/06
William S. Anderson H20 Lieutenant Service 01/04/06
Eugene W. Murphy H20 Lieutenant Service 01/10/06
Brian D. Kearney H2 Firefighter Service 01/13/06
William J. Lafferty H33 Captain EMS Service 01/14/06
Gerald J. McMahon H20 Lieutenant Service 01/24/06
Rene H. Revel H40 Battalion Chief Service 01/28/06
David A. Carroll H30 Captain Service 01/28/06
Charles H. Schafer H30 Captain Service 01/28/06
Stephen H. Hill H20 Lieutenant Service 01/28/06
Paul J. Wyrsch H20 Lieutenant Service 02/01/06
Paul F. Kurpinsky H4 Inspector Service 02/03/06
David Sager H20 Lieutenant Service 02/08/06
William Downing H20 Lieutenant Service 02/11/06
William S. Wickliffe H20 Lieutenant Service 02/25/06
Ernest F. Li "H32 Captain, Div. FP&I" Service 03/01/06
Richard A. Kannisto H20 Lieutenant Service 03/03/06
Elmer R. Carr "H32 Captain, Div. FP&I" Service 03/11/06
Alfred P. Quartaroli H51 Asst Deputy Chief II Service 03/18/06
William G. Landivar H30 Captain Service 03/24/06
Dennis J. Zouzounis H30 Captain Service 04/01/06
Mark V. Groshong H40 Battalion Chief Service 04/08/06
James D. Isola H20 Lieutenant Service 04/09/06
Michael J. Ryan H40 Battalion Chief Service 04/20/06
Michael J. Murphy H30 Captain Service 04/21/06
Paul H. Chin H51 Asst. Deputy Chief II Service 04/22/06
Theodore J. Corporandy H40 Battalion Chief Service 05/01/06
Anthony M. Russo H30 Captain Service 05/01/06
David T. Tracey H20 Lieutenant Service 05/04/06
James Borg H2 Firefighter Service 05/04/06
Robert Weaver H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Service 05/05/06
Michael A. Cotton H20 Lieutenant Service 05/06/06
George A. Creedon H2 Firefighter Service 05/30/06
Romero Mabutas H40 Battalion Chief Service 06/08/06
Thomas F. McDonagh H20 Lieutenant Service 06/29/06
Thomas M. Masterson H2 Firefighter Service 06/29/06
James M. Carey H30 Captain Service 06/30/06
James M. Coyne H20 Lieutenant Service 06/30/06
Richard C. Shortall H51 Asst. Deputy Chief II Service 07/01/06
James P. Harrington H40 Battalion Chief Service 07/01/06
Gardner E. Cole H20 Lieutenant Service 07/01/06
Scott A. Keller H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Service 07/01/06
Robert I. Gurman H20 Lieutenant Service 07/01/06
Michael J. Cunnie H40 Battalion Chief Service 07/02/06
Patrick W. Buddington H20 Lieutenant Service 07/07/06
Stephen A. Flaherty H30 Captain Service 07/15/06
Patrick E. Crane H20 Lieutenant Service 07/15/06
Alan C. Kazarian H2 Firefighter Service 07/28/06
George N. Zhovreboff H2 Firefighter Service 08/10/06
Richard D. Bracco H50 Assistant Chief Service 08/12/06
John M. Chapman H2 Firefighter Service 09/10/06


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