Teamwork And Two Firefighters,

A Winning Combination For SF Firefighters’ Toy Program

By Nicol P. Juratovac
I am not sure who said it best, Howard Cossell when he said, “Sports is the toy department of human life,” or when Sally Casazza, Executive Director of the San Francisco Firefighters’ Toy Program, was recently quoted to have said, “There is no ‘I’ in the word ‘team,’ as team stands for ‘together everyone achieves more.’”

Regardless, it is clear that sports and teamwork create a recipe for success. In fact, it was teamwork that had a group of ball players giving high fives to one another and donating another five bills (as in $500.00) to the San Francisco Firefighters’ Toy Program during the 15th Annual Palm Springs Winter Classic. The San Francisco Fire Department’s own Nicol “Nic” Juratovac (E7) and Janeen “Gigi” Pirosko (E38) once again hit, caught, ran, and slid their way undefeated through a grueling six games into another first place finish in order to bring home the first place prize for the City’s underprivileged youth.

That the two ballers, along with past firefighter participants, have helped raised over $2350.00 for the San Francisco Firefighters’ Toy Program in the past seven years, is to say nothing of the camaraderie and enjoyment they had in earning the grand prize. There is a saying that “softball is life.” But playing in this tourney and being able to give back to the City’s kids who come from low socio-economic backgrounds makes giving through sports a part of life like no other.

The Blues would like to once again thank San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program for accepting this donation and giving a bunch of ball players an opportunity to give back by playing what clearly is a kid’s game. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Photos provided by Nicol P. Juratovac


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