The Vannucchi Papers
By: Jim Vannucchi, Director
“Non Sibi Sed Omnibus”

In the days of the Ancient Roman Empire, selfless service to the state and Legion was prized above all honors. The oath of allegiance, which was sworn to by all young Legionaires, became their code as to how to their lives were to be led.

The oath, the SACRAMENTUM, read “I swear by Jupiter Optimus Maximus and by any other god I may hold in my heart to be holy, and by the majesty of the Imperator and by the Senate of Rome, which next to our gods should be loved and worshiped by the human race. I, swear to perform with enthusiasm whatever the Imperator and my Legion Commander should command, follow all laws set forth by the Senate of Rome, never to desert, and not to shrink from death on behalf of the Roman State. Non Sibi Sed Omnibus”.

Granted, a bit dramatic for our needs as I ease into my point, however, the final words of the oath echo a resolve that we as firefighters embrace today; specifically relevant for our large, diverse membership and community that we have sworn to protect. “Non Sibi Sed Omnibus” from the Latin, translates to read “Not for Oneself, but for All”.

“Not for Oneself, but for All”. The success of any large organization is obliged to be built on this altruistic philosophy. Partnership, and all that it implies, is the key element that will either make us great or reduce us to a world of mediocrity. We will all experience the ups and downs of the journey that we have come to know as life, yet thru it all we must not forget our brother who stands to our left or our sister who stands to our right. As we come to the end of our passage of being, I can assure you, it will not be about the bank account or the big house on the hill or even the promotion and/or overtime at the workplace, but how you helped the person to your side and how that person helped you.

With this being said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following members who gave up their day on Sunday, September 10, 2006 to help with the SFFF LOCAL 798 Toy Program:

Jessie Bautista – Station 2
Mike Bello (and son) – Station 2
Kevin Callanan – BFP
Mike Digre – Station 21
Dan Gracia – Station 1
John Guiral – Station 26
Tom Johannessen - Station 6
Kevin Kuhn – Station 11
Chad Law – Station 2
Jim Leonard – Station 7
Al Lee – Battalion 1
Rich Miles – Station 17
Carla Murphy – Station 2
Tony Soule (and family) – Station 36
Dave “The Gazelle” Thompson – Station 2

The Toy Program needed help and these members came simply because I asked them to. The only incentive that I was able to offer them was a home-cooked brunch prepared by civilian volunteers Cheryl LaBat, Jill Peeler and Nancy Rey (thanks ladies) coupled with a ticket to the SF Giants game in the nose-bleed section. A poor trade-off considering the high number of hours each member gave that day. Yet, they did it without complaint, not for themselves, but for all.


Speaking of Toys, under the tutelage of Dan Gracia Station 1, the Chili Cook-Off is alive and well.

Saturday September 16, 2006 saw the resurrection of an event that, sadly, almost faded away into distant memory. The affair proved to be a resounding success as it pertains to the camaraderie and support we have come to enjoy as a Union joined with first rate entertainment.

Without argument or hesitation, everyone reached into their pocket for that small donation of $10.00 to benefit the Toy Program. Firefighter and civilian alike enjoyed chili, beverages and a great band which was enhanced by judges Renel Brooks-Moon of the SF Giants and Malou Nubla of CBS–5. My dogs are still barkin’ from the dance floor.

My thanks to all of the SFFD Stations and LOCAL 798 members that gave of their time and resources to help us get this new episode of culinary challenge off the ground. We hope to see you all next year because we can’t get it done without you.


As the November 2006 general election approaches, prior to casting your vote, I ask you to reflect upon the benefits that we now enjoy as a Union and how we got there.

The compensation package that we have come to embrace did not come easily. It was secured only by the hard-fought efforts of labor organizations and at a very high cost. Please keep this in mind as you mark your ballot and I ask that you vote in the best interest of labor and union.


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