This section is dedicated to all the retired members of Local 798, who worked many long hours to maintain and improve the working conditions and benefits enjoyed by all San Francisco Fire Fighters. Retirees’ efforts established a solid framework of working conditions and benefits for active members to build upon.. Let us never forget . . .
4th Alarm

May 29, 1983

25th St. & Fountain St.

Photo provide by Frances A. Condon

Photo by Chet Born

Photo provide by Frances A. Condon

While thumbing through my old photos I came across one of my all-time favorites taken in front of the old fire station at 115 Drumm Street at Sacramento - the quarters of 12 Engine, 13 Truck, Hose Tender 1, and Battalion 1 Headquarters. This is a photo of Hose Tender 1 of 1929 vintage, with FF Dan Buckley wearing the cap and FF Jack Sherratt holding the steering wheel. The rig is an American La France 12-cylinder, mechanical brakes - note the right-hand steering with the large emergency hand brake. The rig had to be double-clutched, and don’t go downhill too fast. Going up a steep grade you had to shift into low-gear at the base of the hill before proceeding.

This photo was taken in 1953 by FF Houston (Tex) Dunnigan of Truck Co. 13. At the time this rig was a relief piece - the 12-cylinders made a “great racket” - much louder than a Harley motorcycle. It held 1,000-feet of 2-3/4-inch hose line. It had 8 3-inch inlets that supplied the monitor. Needless to say, it packed a wallop when fully supplied from pumpers. Yes, those were the good old days. With best regards to all who served and are currently serving in the “Greatest Fire Department In The World!”

Jack Sherratt
SFFD -Retired 1984

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