Station 1 Banquet
By Gene Murphy
On January 31, 2007 approximately 400 active and retired members gathered at the Moscone Center to attend the Station 1 Retirement Banquet. It was great to see Station 1 Hall of Famers such as “Big John” Flaherty, Mike Sullivan, Hank Smith, John Tizio, Jim Lyons, Edgar Bryant, Jack Pacheco, Gill Schoenstein, and John Calonico. Honored at the banquet were new retirees Lou Bacciocco, Jim Carey, George Creedon, Jim Coyne, Mike Cunnie, Bud Dunn, Mike Ebert, Roger Erickson, Steve Flaherty, and Greg Wyman. Also, I would like to say thank you to Jim Connors for the excellent job he did with his tribute to Bruce Navarret.

The banquet was a tremendous success due to the hard work of all the alley cats, but a special thanks to Keith Onishi and Mark Castagnola for organizing the event; Jerry Chiang, Dan Gracia, and Jay Cleland for making the retirement gifts; Tom Rey for arranging the photo displays; John Sikora for the slide show; Steve Gregory for the flyers; and John Choy for his great job as Photo 1.

The speakers all did a magnificent job and I know the crowd really appreciated Bud Dunn’s enlightening speech on “Defining and Embracing Diversity”. Also, thanks to Edgar Bryant for sharing his UFO experience about the first time he met Roger “The Alien” Erickson.

Thanks to all who attended the banquet and congratulations to the new retirees. Another one of our members just retired and he will be honored at our next banquet. Steve Smith retired on January 20, 2007 as Captain of Rescue 1. Steve spent nearly his entire career at Station 1 and not many members will leave this job as respected as he is. Enjoy your retirement Steve.

Photos by John Choy


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