Letter From The Directors ...
By Brendan O’Leary, Director
Local 798 has received information from the Fire Commission that the following members have retired. If there are any corrections or additions, please contact Director Brendan O’Leary at the Union Office. Congratulations and best of luck to all the retirees. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.
Michael P. Horan H30 Captain Service 09/23/06
Kevin T. Bouey H2 Firefighter Service 10/03/06
Curtis J. Nielsen H20 Lieutenant Service 10/10/06
Melvin Pitre H20 Lieutenant Service 10/26/06
Barry Potthoff H2 Firefighter Service 10/27/06
Frank P. Agius H20 Lieutenant Service 10/28/06
Thomas R. Bailon H2 Firefighter Service 11/01/06
Robert C. Bassett H2 Firefighter Service 11/01/06
Robert D. Lopez H20 Lieutenant Service 11/15/06
James J. Lee H39 Captain, DOT Service 11/16/06
Donald Russo H20 Lieutenant Service 11/18/06
James C. Duensing H2 Firefighter Service 11/18/06
John J. Lee H50 Assistant Chief Service 12/11/06
L. Bernard Bourke H2 Firefighter Service 12/30/06
James A. Outley H40 Battalion Chief Service 12/31/06
Peter H. Casey H2 Firefighter Service 01/01/07
Richard L. Veal H20 Lieutenant Service 01/02/07
Willie B. Humphrey, Jr. H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Service 01/02/07
Paula C. Corcoran H2 Firefighter Service 01/02/07
John I. Hughes H20 Lieutenant Service 01/10/07
James M. Connors H39 Captain, DOT Service 01/13/07
Joseph Conway H20 Lieutenant Service 01/19/07
Stephen C. Smith H30 Captain Service 01/20/07
Fred R. Meyer H20 Lieutenant Service 01/27/07
Raymond Capella H2 Firefighter Service 01/27/07
Joseph E. Sorensen H2 Firefighter Service 01/27/07
Bradley Dugan H2 Firefighter Service 02/02/07
Eric Nylander H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Service 02/10/07
Dennis A. King H6 Investigator Service 02/10/07
Russell Richards H3 Firefighter/Paramedic Service 02/24/07
Peter D. Kritakakos H2 Firefighter Service 02/25/07
James A. Romeyn H30 Captain Service 04/01/07
Edward A. Liggins H40 Battalion Chief Service 04/05/07
Mario S. Ballard H32 Captain Div FP&I Service 04/21/07


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