Letter From The President
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A thank you to the 300+ men and women of this union who showed up at City Hall last month to reflect the fact that cancer has become “the common cold” within the SFFD. Our records prove that cancer is a stone cold disabler of the men and women of this fire department. We need City Hall and the Administration to acknowledge this cancer crisis and make certain that all cancer claim applicants be placed on immediate disability status rather than having these firefighters be put in the position of fighting the cancer and the bureaucracy simultaneously. Cancer needs to be confirmed as a disability.

Thanks goes to Tom O’Connor, Karen Heald, Tony Stefani, Keith Onishi, Jeff Malone and all of you who showed to make the event a success.

With regard to the recent Captain’s exam, reports have come in to the Union from Lieutenants who took the Test that when they went down to check their scores it was difficult/impossible to decipher the scoring mechanism. The candidate could not find out his/her strengths or weaknesses. As one candidate said to me they might as well have given me a Rubik’s cube; solving that would have been easier. The union’s position on the Captain’s exam has not changed. As we have stated previously, the test should be posted and adopted.

Contract negotiations as of the date of this writing are ongoing. It’s our understanding that the POA has reached a tentative agreement with the City and we congratulate them. As all of you are aware, each section in our contract must be renegotiated with the City. This takes time. You have given us your priorities via the questionnaires you completed and we are adhering to your priorities in our negotiations with the City. Further updates will be given at the June membership meeting.

The Dwayne Curry Memorial Trophy Case at Station 7 is being built. This is to hold all of Dwayne’s medals, awards and achievements. Donations for the memorial trophy case are to be directed to Floyd Rollins. Dwayne has picked up bowling and now it is our understanding that he is practicing archery for his next athletic endeavor.

John F. Hanley


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