Station 2 vs. Station 13
It was a sunny blustery day out at Jackson Park. The beers were chilled, the margarita machine was plugged in and the meat was ready to be bar-b-q’ed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen it was the annual Battle of Battalion One. Needless to say bragging rights and a seven bone prime rib were up for grabs. Didn’t anyone ever tell these guys not to bet David Thompson for food?

Station 2 started off the game and were off to the races with four runs in the first. Station 13 followed up in the bottom of the inning with a goosegg ... gimmie a Z, gimmie a E, gimmie a R, gimmie a O. That’s right a ZERO!! Barbs, zingers, insults and slams were flying right and left, especially when Rayner “Roger Clemens” Medina recorded his 4th strikeout by the second inning. However, it proved his undoing because in the 3rd inning Station 2 took it to him for 9 runs. This onslaught was led by Con “Wheels” Lucey, Mike “Gimmie Another One” Patt and Mike “Mighty Mo” Morris. Station 13 valiantly tried to play a trick defense during this incredible and unprecedented display of singles by employing three outfielders and Joe “I got it, I got it OWWW!” Chan as a rover.

At this point, Station 2’s defense was absolutely stifling, shutting down Station 13 inning after quick non-scoring inning. The tally of this epic battle at the top of the 5th was Station 2 - 14 and Station 13 - 2. That is when an event never before seen of heard of in Battalion One history or lore occurred ... Back to BAck to BACk to BACK homeruns. First up was Al “4-5” Lee who despite the elephant on his back and the brace on his knee made it all the way home. Next up, Julio “Coco” Delucchi whose speed around the bases made Al Lee look like a cheetah. Third up was Chad “Hi, I’m Lloyd from Entourage” Law and bringing up the rear was Gabriel “Gay Fokker” Gaylord. It truly was a spectacle to behold. Station 13 was devastated. They sat Rayner and brought in their righty Larry “The Pompadour” Jew. He promptly retired the side and now Station 13 had only three outs to try and make a comeback.

Finally, 13’s bats woke up. There were runners on bases, men were scoring and the taste of prime rib was quickly turning to ground chuck in the mouths of Station 2. However, thanks to some timely defense, Station 2 slammed the rally door shut and took the game 18 to 5.

The game concluded with handshakes, smiles and of course beer, margaritas and a great bar-b-q put together by the combined efforts of Joe “Cyclops” Chan and David “The Gazelle” Thompson.

Stay tuned for next years exciting adventure ...


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