Alisa Ruch Burn Camp
By Michael Walsh, Director
Last year the members of the Barbary Coast Chapter of the “Wind and Fire” motorcycle club were kicking around ideas on fund raising for charities in memory of “Johnny V”. Terry Smerdel and Gino Rinaldi came up with the idea of a motorcycle raffle. All the members pitched in to get the tickets sold. The bike was successfully raffled off at the Toy Program kickoff dance and Ramon Serrano, from Station 8 was the winner. Special thanks to John Rocco Station 8 and Local 798 for the drawing venue. In June the annual Alisa Ruch Burn Camp run was held outside of Fresno, California. The camp is host to severely burned children from all over. The Champ Camp volunteers were Local 798 members Tony Smerdel RS2, Terry Smerdel T17, Trevor Mishler SW7, Warren House E34, George Smith Arson along with retired 798 members Phil Leanio, George Langley, Jerry Grey, Alex King, JC Carvajal, Raul Muela, Chuck Pistoia, Steve Smith, Bob Mathes, Bob Postel, Jeff Malone, Bob Molinari and Greg Wyman. The riders spent time with kids and handed out presents to all. The day was capped off by Terry Smerdel handing camp officials a check for $13,500.00 in memory of “Johnny V”. The remaining balance is earmarked for the San Francisco Fire Fighters Toy Program. Thanks to Local 798 for the support. A job well done by all, John would be proud.


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