Around The Green
By: Darryl Loo
Monterey Golf Trip 2007

It seems that every year I get to the golf article after Monterey and suddenly it is June. For most of us with school age children June is a very hectic month. There are graduations and end of school parties, kids going on trips and numerous other distractions. Well that is my excuse for not writing my article this year and last year and next year more likely than not!!! Before I forget about the Reno Golf Trip. I would like to encourage some of the younger golfers or just some of the guys and girls looking to have some fun to consider attending this year. This trip has been ongoing for fifty or more years and it is a great time at a good time of year in the Reno area. If interested you can leave a message on the Golf line 415-822-9500 leave your name and the members of your group and leave a number if you are new to the trip.

This year at Monterey we were once again lucky to have a full group of golfers. The weather was typical for that time of year with the threat of rain always looming. Fortunately we had perfect weather and were able to leave our rain gear in the cars.

Al Lee quickly established himself as a contender for the lead in the race for the Golf cup as he posted net 66-70 for a two-day total of 136 and a two shot victory. Now he needs to play in the rest of the events so he can try to maintain his lead. Hot on his heels with a two day score of 68-70-138 was retired Brian Kearney of station 42. Retired life must be good for Brian’s golf game. On the range, I was observing his golf swing and commented on the improvement of his back swing. Keep at it Brian and maybe the trophy can grace your mantel next year. One of our more consistant golfers was another two shots back at 69-71-140. Tom Kiernan every year is in contention early in the year, but he has been unable to put it together in the second half to maintain the momentum and chase down the title. Chris Pratt is one of our players who always posts great scores, but with his handicap he has to play under par to really have a chance to win. He was once again the medallist with the score of 78-73-151.

I hope that everyone had a good time this year during the trip. The way things are going, things may be changing in the next few years. Fort Ord is redoing their golf courses and we are unclear how many more years we will have access to the Blackhorse and the Bayonet golf courses. So enjoy it while you can and make sure you sign up early next year.

Silverado Country Club South Course - May 23, 2007

Silverado is one of our premiere events on our schedule every year. My favorite events to play has always been the two times a year we have the opportunity to tee it up in Napa. Two great courses and great weather is hard to beat. But the real treat is how great the courses are maintained with their super fast greens and beautiful fairways.

Brian Kearney is on a roll, for the second tourney in a row Brian is on the leader board. This time he has moved up one spot in the standings “winner” or first place or leader in the points race for the trophy. His net 65 won the tourney by a whopping seven strokes. There was no one even in his rearview mirror. Now he needs to play like this the rest of the season and he will be the CHAMP, no pressure at all Brian. In a three way tie for second was the trio of Chris Diaz, Mario Romero and Tom Kiernan. The course was playing very difficult and net 72 scores were out standing. I played with one player who three putted seven times and those four were the only players to post scores of par or better. Tom was also the low score of the day with a solid 80. Tom looks like you are chasing Mr Kearney this year, better keep your eyes on him.


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