Letter From The Directors ...
By Brendan O’Leary, Director
Local 798 has received information from the Fire Commission that the following members have retired. If there are any corrections or additions, particularly if the retirement was at a higher rank due to Like Work Like Pay or Acting Assignment please contact Director Brendan O’Leary at the Union Office. Congratulations and best of luck to all the retirees. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.
Charles E. Hallgren H20 Lieutenant Service 04/25/07
Richard J. Matli H20 Lieutenant Service 04/26/07
William C. Emde H2 Firefighter Service 05/01/07
Stephen G. Young H2 Firefighter Service 05/01/07
Michael Jones H40 Battalion Chief Service 05/05/07
Gary E. Dolan H20 Lieutenant Service 05/05/07
Adolph D. Oliver H20 Lieutenant Service 05/05/07
J. Louis Ramirez H20 Lieutenant Service 05/05/07
George A. Saribalis H20 Lieutenant Service 05/05/07
John Duensing H2 Firefighter Service 05/05/07
George D. Drake H30 Captain Service 05/07/07
Gary S. Smith H2 Firefighter Service 05/09/07
Kevin T. Hickey H2 Firefighter (H20 Acting) Service 05/11/07
Anthony P. Soule H30 Captain (H40 Acting) Service 05/12/07
Gerald S. Henderson H2 Firefighter Service 05/16/07
John J. Ferrando H20 Lt (H30 LWLP) Service 05/19/07
James E. McHugh H30 Captain Service 05/19/07
Lilian Quan 1450 Executive Secretary Service 06/01/07
Andrew J. Chrystal H2 Firefighter (LWLP H20) Service 06/02/07
Terrence M. Smith H4 Inspector (Acting H22) Service 06/09/07
William J. Healy H2 Firefighter Service 06/12/07
Joseph L. King H2 Firefighter Service 06/12/07
Joseph E. Morrison H20 Lieutenant Service 06/12/07
Richard Gutierrez Sr. H30 Captain (LWLP H40) Service 06/19/07
Charles C. Pistoia H6 Investigator Service 06/20/07
Gayle Alexander H2 Firefighter Service 06/25/07
Frank Morino H30 Captain Service 06/27/07
Alfred C. Rizotto H20 Lieutenant Service 06/28/07
Stephen L. Roche H2 Firefighter Service 06/28/07
Eugene A. Baraona H30 Captain Service 06/29/07
Richard E. Blake H2 Firefighter Service 06/29/07
Ruben Herrera H2 Firefighter Service 06/29/07
Thomas J. O'Malley H2 Firefighter Service 06/29/07
Howard W. Williams H2 Firefighter Service 06/29/07
Lawrence Zammarchi H20 Lieutenant Service 06/29/07
Michael A. Avanche H2 Firefighter Service 06/30/07
George J. Bruce H20 Lieutenant Service 06/30/07
Kevin T. Callaghan H24 Lt. BFI (Acting H32) Service 06/30/07
Stephen A. Hart H2 Firefighter Service 06/30/07
Kenneth R. Jones H20 Lieutenant Service 06/30/07
Steven W. Kazarian H2 Firefighter (LWLP H20) Service 06/30/07
Michael M. Walsh H2 Firefighter Service 06/30/07
Theodore Groger H10 Chief's Aide (LWLP H20) Service 07/01/07
Wayne Stewart H2 Firefighter (LWLP H20) Service 07/01/07
Dennis J. Kennedy H110 Marine Engineer Service 07/06/07
Edward J. Arce H30 Captain Service 07/14/07


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