2007 Firefighters Olympics - San Diego
BC Serrano Retires ...
By Larry Yup
The weather was hot and balmy in San Diego, but the bowling alley was a constant 72 degrees. The drinks were flowing and the balls were rolling. We had a great turn-out of 12 bowlers this year and everyone knew how to play Pedro and Texas.

The highlight this year was Bob Serrano who bowled in the Masters Division. He had made it to the finals and needed to bowl 2 strikes in the last frame to win a medal. He bowled three! After the third strike, witnesses stated they heard Serrano say “I am retiring.” When later asked for clarification of what he was retiring from, all we got was a fishing story from the old man. There is more to this but probably in a different article.

I would like to welcome Mike Day, the new kid, who won medals his first time out.

Congratulations to Jim and Chris Moore on the arrival of their first grandchild and to Al Rizotto on his retirement.

The SFFD bowling team had won 13 medals. See ya’ll at Sports Days.

Roller Hockey
SFFD Hockey Team wins the Bronze Medal in overtime shootout. Final score 8 - 7.
(l to r): Bruno Walther, Dan Lui, Paul Gallegos, Stan Lee, Rob Mello, Pat Howard (Santa Clara Fire), Nick Helmer, and Todd Prakin (goalie).

Photo by Andrew Saitz


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