Hayes and Engler Bid Farewell

By Gerry Shannon, Treasurer

Two young firefighters, who came down to the Union Office a couple of years ago to give something back to their union, moved on this month. Steve is a recent parent and Mark is recently married, there is a life after the Union. Both contributed in a huge way. If you have worked with either Steve or Mark, who are at the busiest houses in the City, you know they are more then respected as no nonsense firefighters who can go the distance and do daily. The two men brought the same kind of tenacity to their role as directors and accomplished a lot. Our hope is The Union has not seen the last of them as principle players and I know they can be counted upon for their needed support on future projects. One doesn’t run for an office with the Union unless they expect to give up a lot of their own time and face the frustrations of the constant uphill battles. These are two guys you want in the trenches when the going gets rough and The Union was not disappointed. We wish them the best in their future endeavors and with their new lives as husband and parent. Thanks from the members of Local 798.


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