Election 2000

By Frank Kelly, Secretary

Mayor Brown could certainly be portrayed as General Custer in the recent district election for supervisor. But the good mayor has been around a long time and understands the political game as well as anyone. He has lost many allies on the Board of Supervisors, but don’t count him out just yet. To quote Eric Hoffer, this city’s beloved longshoreman and philosopher of my youth - “The only way to predict the future is to have the power to shape the future.” The battle for that power, the future of San Francisco has just begun. Cast your eyes no further than City Hall if you enjoy a good political fight. A lesson in city politics is about to take place as the new San Francisco faces off with the old San Franciscan in a tug of war over the city’s future.

EMS Update:

It appears out brothers and sisters in LA have won a major victory with regard to their EMS Program. The Department has been trying to implement 1 + 1 ambulances there for several years. However common sense has prevailed. Patient care is not going to suffer because of budget restraints. LA is now committed to hiring another two hundred paramedics. The plan is to hire 100 new paramedics on a temporary basis. (Considered by Department insiders as a band aid approach). But where are they going to get 200 new fire fighter/paramedics? There seems to be a shortage throughout California. When are the responsible parties, who gave birth to these mergers going to be held accountable? Before we jump from the frying pan into the fire let us take a look at our program. A New Year has begun. A new approach is needed. The firefighters and firefighter/paramedics in the field need to voice their opinions. The EMS Division of the SFFD needs to listen.


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