H-3 Update By Brie Mathews

Welcome to the newly formed H-3 Update column. Created in an effort to keep everyone informed on the latest developments occurring (or not occurring as is usually the case) within the H-3 rank. It is my hope that this column will help to facilitate more cohesion within the ranks by taking the mystery out of the role of the infamous H-3 Committee, as well as provide pertinent EMS updates as they relate to field personnel, or to simply give insight into the role of an H-3 from the perspective of an H-3. Whenever possible, minutes from H-3 meetings will be provided in this column and will be the focus of the column this month.

For those of you who have yet to hear about the H-3 Advisory Committee, or are unclear as to the exact purpose of its inception, let me fill you in. The H-3 Committee is made up of 3 H-3’s and 1 Rescue Captain. In order to attain an accurate H-3 representation taking into account past work experiences as it pertains to the H-3 rank, each of the 3 H-3’s are derived from the respective ranks from which they came, i.e.: H-1, H-2, and Lateral. These members include Russ Zimmerman (H-1), Brie Mathews (H-2), and Paul Mangiola (Lateral). Jim Strain represents the H-33 rank. The purpose of the H-3 Advisory Committee (with emphasis on Advisory) is to assist the Union in identifying issues, concerns and/or functions unique to the H-3 rank that can be improved upon or that can benefit from modification. We strive to attain this by working closely with the Union and providing assistance in research, giving feedback, and presenting recommendations based on group discussions. In addition, the H-3 Advisory Committee, inclusive of Local 798 representation, encourages open dialogues with Local 790, the Council of Employee Groups, and the Administration (EMS included) on an “as needed” basis.

Of course, being a Union committee, I want to stress that any Union member in good standing, regardless of rank, is welcome to attend our monthly meetings. They will be held the Monday before the Union meetings at 0900 hours @ Bayview Police Station on William’s Street unless posted otherwise. As stated earlier, every effort will be made to post Committee Meeting minutes to keep lines of communication open!!

H-3 MEETING MINUTES for 12-11-00

H-3 Committee Members Present:
Brock Wells (Alternate Lateral), Steve Lynch (Alternate H-2 to H-3), Brie Mathews, and Jim Strain

Local 798 Representative: Tom O’Connor

0900 Meeting called to order

Old Business:

Former H-1 Survey results

From November 20th to November 30th a poll was conducted on SFFD Paramedics website open only to former H-1’s to resolve seniority issues. The poll asked members to vote in favor of either a) DPH seniority carried over & folded in to odd/even, or b) DPH seniority per class at TI and folded in to odd/even.

Results were 25 to 14 for DPH seniority to be carried straight across & folded in to odd/even

Update on meeting with the Council of Employee Groups held 11-16-00

Steve Lynch and Brock Wells reported on several issues:

1) Promotional discussions as to possible future alterations in minimum requirements for application to promotional ranks. Discussions to continue at next meeting.

2) Budget Analysis. Brother Lynch reported that Harvey Rose’s office contacted UFSW and Los Bomberos to give input on budget needs. Allison Green of UFSW is contact person. Some discussion on medic/H-3 representation with regards to budget needs.

3) The Council of Employee Groups (CEG) asked H-3 Advisory Committee to join CEG. Request put to vote and passed.

4) Discussion of new group of 48 Lateral hires. 14% diversity was noted which prompted further discussion on whether or not to oppose hiring. Discussion tabled until next meeting.

5) Discussion on next H-2 exam. Details still being worked out by Administration.

6) H-3 group asked Brother Lynch what his impression was of the CEG’s stance regarding hiring entry level H-2’s with Paramedic licenses. Brother Lynch replied that they were not opposed as long as diversity is attained.

7) Discussion on recruitment and what is acceptable considering the SFFD is no longer under a consent decree.

Discussion and approval of wording of proposal to be presented to Administration regarding H-3 Seniority

Discussion was carried over form last H-3 meeting regarding seniority proposal which was to have been provided by H-3 Dave Andersen. Dave did not produce a proposal in time for this meeting. H-3 Mike Tragessor volunteered to write a proposal during meeting to be used as basis for presentation to administration. Proposal approved by attending members.

New Business:

Union Contract Negotiations

Discussion on whether or not the H-3 Advisory Committee should become official. Group consensus was in favor of becoming official and written into contract.

Discussion on importance of H-3 Advisory Committee working with Union to give input on contract negotiations as they pertain to H-3’s.

Vacancy List

H-3 Advisory Committee, with the support of Local 798’s Executive Board, will push for a vacancy list for H-3’s based on seniority to be effective for a 6 month period. Every 6 months the vacancy will be up for evaluation based on department needs. Several “spots” will be held for new H-3’s and new Laterals. In addition, a recommendation will be made to create a “daily-detail” list, per shift, for rotation of all eligible members onto ALS engines. Details will be handled through assignments with back-filling of positions being filled with VR H-3’s, again through daily details.

Open Discussion:

1) H-3 Jim Keck questioned access to information via the Mainline. Discussion ensued on the need for H-3’s to provide Mainline articles. H-3 Brie Mathews suggested a monthly column to provide information to all Union members and volunteered to provide the next article. Director Tom O’Connor expressed the need and agreed to the monthly article.

2) H-3 Mike Tragessor questioned why the Union did not protest the provisional H-33 appointments. Director Tom O’Connor explained that they were just provisional appointments and that the Union has no input into provisional test requirements but does have input into permanent appointments. The Union intends to provide input for any future permanent appointments.

3) H-3 Ben Franks discussed the need to focus on long range workload issues including issues surrounding probation and 1/1 ambulances. The committee recognizes the need for continuous focus in these areas.

4) Brock Wells asked Tom O’Connor what the limitations were on Laterals for eligibility to take promotional exams once probation is over. Brock pointed out that although probation will end shortly, his fire training has yet to start. Tom O’Connor stated that there is no official wording on how to address this issue but mentioned that the lack of “field certification” would most likely be taken into account.

5) H-3 Bill Lafferty stated that probation issues need to be investigated for policy and asked that a “volunteer group” be created to address the matter. Mike Tragessor stated that he would post a request for volunteers on the web site.

12:15 Meeting adjourned, Next meeting on Monday Jan. 8th at Bayview Police Station.

H-3 Advisory Committee to schedule meeting with COD for first week in January TBA.


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