Letter From The President

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I hope everyone has had his or her rest from a very busy New Year’s Eve celebration in San Francisco. We responded to shootings, stabbings, fires, water leaks, childbirths and other medical emergencies.

Our brothers and sisters did a fine job at the Communications Center with the extremely heavy call volume. Again we conducted ourselves in a proficient and qualified manner as expected by the citizens of San Francisco.

Your new Executive Board will be sworn in at the General

Membership meeting on January 11, 2001. Welcome aboard Brothers Daramin and Vannucci. A big thanks you to Brothers Hayes and Engler who did a great job and truly cared about the members’ concerns. I’m sure we can count on Mark and Steve for leadership in the future.

By this time you should have received your contract survey in the mail. Your response to this survey will give the Negotiating Committee input as to where you want us to go in negotiations for the new MOU.

Thanks to John Rocco (E-8), Frank Roldan (E-8) and John Kosta (E-28) for another smashing and successful Toy Program Benefit at Bimbo’s in November. Our members had a great time and the proceeds help fund the Toy Program.

Sad times are around the corner for us here. It seems that every firehouse will be losing our experienced members to retirement. Many great legendary firefighters are making the lifestyle change and moving into retirement. We wish you well.

Keep the Faith.

John Hanley


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