Buz Word
Based on a philosophical conversation with Buz Orengo

By Gerry Shannon, Director

Something I think people don’t realize, is when something negative is being said, not only is the person who is the object of the comment being harmed but the people participating in the exchange go away with an unpleasant feeling, that stays with them for a long while. Buz Orengo, of Station 48, once professed that “Hatred is like a hot coal, the one carrying it around is burning their own hand, all they have to do is let it go and the pain stops”. Buz went on to say that, “The reason why positive thoughts and speech are to be preferred and encouraged over negative ones is that, negative thoughts and speech lead to suffering and painful experience, whereas positive ones lead to harmony for all involved”.

When the morning conversation starts the day off filled with negative energy, one can feel their mood set for the rest of the day. These mind sets also are carried home and effect our relations with loved ones. Watch civilians at a function when firefighters start to converse about what they perceive to be life in the firehouse. So not only are these resentments causing wedges to be driven in the workforces, splintering firefighters into groups but it also hinders a harmonious feeling, in general, for those who chose to carry these negative emotions and pass them on constantly. We are not mean spirited people, I truly believe it is a communication style that has been developed over the years. Buz referred to the fact that before he speaks the thought, what am I trying to accomplish with my speech, proceed his words. Is it to defend myself, is it to get even, or is it just to reach out and connect? It gives our speech a whole new meaning. Think what a pleasant surroundings the work place would be if people only spoke consciously about and to one another, it’s what makes Buz so happy all the time and so pleasant to be around. And as Buz always says “Those Who Gossip With You, Gossip About You”!


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