Letter From The President

Brothers and Sisters,

Hadley Roff, the President of the Fire Commission has retired from that position. Hadley has been a dedicated public servant with the City and County for many years. He has worked under Mayors Feinstein, Agnos, Jordan and Brown and always handled each situation with poise and experience. Hadley, like many men and women of his generation, is leaving public office. What they have left is an example of public service and accomplishments. Sometime Hadley and your Union would be on opposite sides of an issue, yet Hadley always treated us with respect and dignity when we disagreed.

Hadley has been successful in his numerous positions with City government because he came to the table with one agenda – what serves the City best. Good Luck Hadley. Thank you from Local 798.

Contract negotiations are around the corner. The surveys have been tabulated by Brother Engler and will be discussed at the February Membership meeting. It is important that divisions, bureaus and radio get their recommendations to the Union by the middle of February. Again rumors are rumors. Don’t believe anything until the full Board of Supervisors vote.

The Chinese New Years’ Parade was another success for Local 798 and the AFA.

Next up on March 11 is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Watch your Union Board for details. The California Professional Firefight-ers Bag Pipers will lead the way – thanks to Dan Terry, President of the CPF.

Keep in your prayers the Voelker Family, retired BC Jack Voelker recently passed away.

Keep the faith, Tony, our prayers are with you.


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