Handicap Challenge 1/25/01

By Jim Gallagher

Weather was near nasty for the eleventh annual “Handicap Run” at Lake Merced. In this race, runners are given a handicap start time based on previous race times. It is our one race in which everyone has a chance to win. This year’s winner is retired Battalion Chief Dominic Spinetta. Dom reached back and recaptured enthusiasm and memory of past races and ran two minutes and three seconds faster than his Turkey Trot time, staved off a sprinting Patric Steele (stn 16) to win by a five second margin.

Steele had a great day slashing one minute and ten seconds from his Turkey Trot time and claiming first active firefighter to finish, as well as first place in the 30-39 age division. His race time of 29:20.6 is a PR for the course. Ray Connors, the retired Secretary to the Fire Commission, was third overall and second in the 60+ division. Ray lowered his PR by a minute and sixteen seconds, set a new course age group record for 67 year olds. His time, 36:08.4 also becomes the best time for the 65-69 age division.

Tom Haney (stn 42) was the first master firefighter. Virginia Dudley-Rock (Stn 14) was the first woman. Probationary firefighter, Carla Cirelli (Stn 2) was the first woman in the 20-29 age division.

Station Participation Points

The Handicap Challenge race was the first in our annual participation program wherein each participant earns a point per mile of the race. Each runner and volunteer earned 4.5 points. Station 16 leads after the first event with a total of 13.5 points. Station 14 is in second place with 9 points, and eight stations have 4.5 points (1, 2, 8, 15, 32, 42, 43, and 48).


Jim Gallagher (Stn 14), Glenn Kircher (Stn 32), Tim O’Brien (Stn 01)


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