The St. Francis Hook & Ladder joins in celebrating the 95th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire. Members of the St. Francis raise the 550 lb. 65’ extension ladder on 0513 hours on April 18, 2001.
By Paul Barry
The ladder crew foreman was retired A/C Al DaCunha with F/F Larry McDonnell, Truck 16, climbing the ladder to place the American flag at the top. With a ceremonial wave of his helmet to the enthusiastic crowd of 500, he was over the top and down the backside of the ladder. Sirens wailed, bells pealed and air horns blasted as he descended to the complete enjoyment of the crowd.

An historic first occurred at this raining of this 1925 vintage ladder. For the first time in the history of the SFFD, women firefighters were part of the crew. On the poles were F/F Sig Wallen, E10 and F/F Tracy Cavaretta, E20. They did a superb job and are a welcome addition to this event.

The church raise of this ladder has become a hallmark of St. Francis Hook & Ladder and more raises are planned for events scheduled this year.

One of the original members of the St. Francis Hook & ladder was Donna Ewald Huggins all dressed up as Lily Hitchcock Coit.

Many thanks to Christine Torrington and Pete Howe for the great pictures.

St. Francis Hook & ladder Society is actively seeking new members. We encourage you to join us. Send $25.00 to:

St. Francis Hook & Ladder Society
C/O SFFFD Membership Coordinator
1590 Annie St.
Colma, CA. 94015-1917

Team Roster 65’ Ladder Raise18 April 01

Al DaCunha, Foreman
Matt Egan, E3 - Rope
Dave Saitz, T7 - Foot Brace
Mike Coleman, T6 – Beam
Sig Wallen, E10 – Pole
Sean Zamb, E1 – Rope
Brook Baker – Rope
Ron Caditan, T19 – Rope
Patrick Steele – Beam
Cary Butcher, T3 – Foot brace
Tracy Cavaretta, E20 – Pole


Paul Barry, E10
Brendan McGorrin, E48
Bill Egan, Retired
Gil Aymeric, Retired
Jack McCloskey, Retired
Karl Bastian, Retired
Wendell Joost, City Service Truck

Larry McDonnell, T16 (Climber)
Donna Huggins, (Lily Hitchcock Coit)


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