June 2001

Moving Forward - By Jim Vannucchi, Director
Letter From The President
Report From The Treasurer - By Tom O'Connor, Treasurer
SF Fire Recruits at Cinco de Mayo Festival - By Charlie Crane
Local 798 Negotiates New MOU
Station Stewards - By Winona Jones
Station 7 Presents: Lest We Never Forget
Being A Friend of Neil's - By Gerry Shannon, Director
St. Francis Hook & Ladder Joins in the Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire - By Paul Barry
The NEEON Foundation - By Norm Rooker
Radio - Making Lemonade from a Lemon - By Dawn DeWitt

Doc Levine Award

Fire Department Members Honored


Station 11 Wins It All ... Again!

Alleycats Softball 2001 - By John Choy

24th Annual Interstation Competition - By Jim Gallagher

Inside Box
Working Fire
Photo Gallery