Alleycats Softball 2001
By: John Choy
Local 798’s Softball Season 2001 was filled with competitive clubs that were evenly matched. If there was ever a year where the championship was up for grabs, this was it. Wait a minute. This sure feels exactly like last year. Maybe we should just reprint the article from 2000 because the same team won. Deja vu.

Station One’s regular season record (only one loss to Three) was as impressive as its’ lineup. Kimo Steinbrenner dipped into the free agency pool and by pure luck, caught some talented players including the highly coveted slugger, Bob Scheppler. On paper, this squad was a juggernaut and would go on to average over 20 runs per game. Yet, this team scored less than 10 runs in the loss to Station Three and this was definitely a concern.

As fate would have it, again, we faced Three in the playoff game. It would be the first game of a championship double header for the winning club. In another epic battle, One prevailed in a low scoring game with the help of two monstrous Schep taters. Gold glove defense by the squad also made the difference. It was time for us to square off with the defending champs, Station Eleven, who beat us last year for the title, 16 to 10.

On paper, this team was the favorite and it would exact our revenge on the bunch from 26th street. But, you don’t win championships by just turning in your lineup cards. The game has to be played and the best team has to win it. Eleven had just finished archrival Station Six and their final score was an incredible 30-28. They should be tired and ready to lose. Nope. Didn’t happen. Despite triples by Cochrane and new rookie Orduna which gave us the early lead, Eleven battled and gained momentum behind tight defense, line drives, and Larry Yup’s pitching. Bad defensive blunders and lack of hitting was contagious on the Alleycats bench. Kosta’s blast to left center sealed our doom. Alas, Station Eleven won the championship with a final score of 20 to 10. 50 runs in the double header...incredible. Congratulations on a fine year and our hats off to the bunch on 26th Street. Vuja de.

The 2001 season was another great year for the cats and some highlights included: more of Cochrane’s diving catches...fine pitching from the ace of the staff, Britt Smith...John Shanley’s leadership, speed, and arm in the league’s best outfield...clutch liners from veteran Frank Puccetti...Kimo sliding headfirst at the plate into Hupke...Kirtley and Botelho flashing the leather at second...and as usual, hitting clinics every Tuesday by team captain Chris Murphy. Thank you members of Station One for the standbys and flips. We hope to meet Station Eleven again next year...without the free agents, of course...they’ve been sent back down to the minors. We’ll play again next year.

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