San Francisco Heat
By Ricky Hui
“Made some noise…” that about sums up the 2001 Olympic performance of the San Francisco Heat. It was a memorable week of softball for our team. After winning a total of 3 games in the last six years in the Olympics, the pieces have slowly fallen into place.

The week started with a heartbreak loss to Ventura (21-20), which saw our team give back a late lead and lose in extra innings. But, unlike years past, the team bounced back to win the next two games. A blowout over the LA Blaze and a nail-biter vs. San Diego, which ended on a bases-loaded double play. We never realized how big that play was until we found out we ended up winning 1st place in our pool by a 1-run differential. After lots of drinks at happy hour at the Embassy Suites and back-patting all around, the Heat was ready for the tournament. After beating one of the lower seeds, we came up against our biggest challenge yet, Gangreen.

The history with Gangreen is simple: the Heat would show-up and Gangreen would pound us. After two innings, it seemed nothing had changed, the score was 8-0 and a couple runs for them and a couple for us and next thing you know, it was the bottom of the 6th and we found ourselves down 12-5. What happened next can only be described as inspiring. After a spirited team meeting, the hits starting piling up and the next thing you know the score was tied. A miracle doubleplay in extra innings and one clutch gaming winning hit later, the Heat, a.k.a. Rikishii’s Butt, a.k.a. the Dragons found ourselves playing on Friday for the first time ever, and just two wins from a medal. After a tough loss to the LA Big Boyz, (tough to play those 8:30 games…after a night on the Gas Lamp…) it was off to the loser’s bracket. After coming from way behind to beat San Diego, Millbrae was next. Millbrae is another team with a history of putting the hurt on us (our “35 members in the whole department” neighbors). Things could not have started out better or ended so worse for us. Despite having an early 7 run lead, we couldn’t hold them off and they ended up winning. Handshakes all around for the great effort, thanks for coming and we’ll see you at practice next year…

Photo Provided By John Choy


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