July / August 2001

On The Waterfront - By Jim Vannucchi, Director
Letter From The President
New Chief Of Department Sworn In On August 1, 2001
Thoughts From The Treasurer - By Tom O'Connor, Treasurer
Updates From The Secretary - By Frank Kelly, Secretary
Station 7 Presents: Lest We Never Forget
When You Think The World Has Turned Its Back On You, Take A Look.
You Have Most Likely Turned Your Back On The World -
By Gerry Shannon, Director
Why Fires Are More Dangerous Today (with Introduction From Ted Corporandy) - By Andrew A. Fredericks
Free EMS Continuing Education - By Norm Rooker
Wylie Low - First S.F. Asian Firefighter
Retired Firemen And Widows Association Of The San Francisco Fire Department
Health Premium Rates For 2001/2002
IAFF: Effective Strategies For Tomorrow's EMS Systems - By Brie Mathews
The Toy Box:

Toy Program - By Melissa Lerma

Toy Volunteers - By Melissa Lerma


SFFD Pink Team Takes A Respectable Second Place; Still Manages To Drive In Runs For City's Kids - By Nicol Juratovac

Station 7 Defeats Champs For Can - By Adam Wood

World Police And Fire Gold Medal Winners - By Tom Kurpinsky

San Francisco Heat - By Ricky Hui

Firefighter Olympics Photos

Around The Green - By Frank Bonal

Inside Box
Photo Gallery