Letter From The President
Brothers and Sisters,

As you are aware Chief Tabacco retires August 2nd of this year. Paul came up through the ranks and was placed in the Acting-Chief’s position in 2000 where he did a fine job. Brother Tabacco, we hope you have a wonderful retirement, you deserve it.

Our new Chief is Mario Trevino. Local 798 is prepared to meet and confer with Chief Trevino and the Chief has promised to meet with the Union to work on building a lasting, working relationship. Chief Trevino is our new boss and we will try in every waypossible to work out our differences. From my meetings with Chief Trevino, he seems like a fair and reasonable man and that is all we are asking. At this time I have full faith that he is the guy that can fix the house. Although we won’t always be happy with every decision made, as long as we are treated fairly we will have no complaints.

Updates on the contract negotiations will be given at the August meeting.

Keep the Faith,
John Hanley, President


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