The Same Universal Source Beats All of Our Hearts
By: Gerry Shannon, Director
Being on the path is never about being better than anyone else is. It is about being better than I used to be.

When you experience ill feelings toward another, you’re the one feeling ill. You carry it with you. The feeling you are creating within yourself is creating your own misery. There’s an emotion connected to every thought we have, so naturally if we’re entertaining negative thoughts about others, we will feel negative ourselves. There’s no getting around it. This is what depression is mired in; constantly focusing on the negative aspects of life. This doesn’t have to be. It’s of our own choosing – we create it!

If we want to raise our consciousness then we must have gratitude. It may sound simplistic, but gratitude is the magic word. It is the opposing force of resentment. Carrying resentment is toxic and will spill

over to those around us. Observe those who wish to spread it. If we look at the positive things in our lives (mental and physical health, our families and loved ones, our careers) we must be grateful for those things. We need to focus on what we do have rather than on what we don’t have.

Ask your partner if your speech and focus is affecting “their” environment at home. Wouldn’t it be healthier for our children if we were to role model focusing on the things we do have rather than what someone else has? Possessions don’t bring happiness.

Gratitude and being grateful makes us feel better. Just the words great and full have a connotation that feels good.

Sit with the idea of a fog lifting, and the wonders of our lives being visible to us for the first time. It’s not what you are looking at, it’s how you are looking at it. Our focus is what dictates how we feel, and appreciating people and our surroundings are ways of being grateful. Sometimes we have to come close to losing someone or something precious to us to appreciate them.

There are volumes of literature that expound on near-death experiences and how these people now see their life in a new light. The fact that life is so short makes it valuable. Where did the 80’s and the 90’s go? Looking back, haven’t you thought “I didn’t appreciate it then?” See it now…You are living in an area and at a time like no other with a job like no other. You just have to turn on the TV to see the suffering world around you. There’s so much we have to be grateful for. We just have to look and see. The more you look outside yourself for happiness the farther away it gets. A teacher said “The only prayer we need is “thank you” and even saying it changes the focus.” Try it.


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