September / October 2002

Letter From The President
Local 798 November 2002 Election Endorsements
The Same Universal Source Beats All of Our Hearts - By Gerry Shannon, Directors
Fallen Firefighters Memorial - By John Darmanin, Director
9 - 11 - 01 Remembered - By Ted Corporandy
"Fun Shack" Party Draws a Wild Crowd
Even Heroes Have Bills to Pay & Children to Feed - By Terry Golway, Irish Herald September 2002
Remember Betty Ann Ong
Memories of a Firefigher's Wife - By Verna Barber
"The Redefined Formula for Weekend Nightlife"
ING Brief
Salvage - By Frank Cardinale

Around The Green - By Darryl Loo

Toy Program

Toy Program Collects Over $43,000 Dollars and Over 100 Bags of Toys - By Melissa Lerma

Upcoming Toy Program Season - By Melissa Lerma

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