Upcoming Toy Program Season
By Melissa Lerma
Here we go again. The Toy Program is entering its 53rd year. We started in September preparing the building, setting up the offices and organizing our game plan for 2002. We are counting on every one to continue their volunteer support with their hard work and time. This program helps those in need but is also a reflection of our commitment to the City to lend a helping hand where needed. We need help immediately to ensure that we can complete the job at hand.

The applications will be available to the public as of November 1st at all the firehouses. You can expect requests for applications immediately. Individuals are allowed only one. Sometimes they may insist on two, but try to explain that we are only allowed to give one per person. If the person is relentless, go ahead and give them an extra one. We do have a system in place that will allow only one per address to be honored. If your firehouse runs out of applications, please call and we will get you more.

Volunteers are needed. We can use help with toy pick-ups, preparing and distributing barrels and organizing inventory. If you can help out, even for a few hours, please come down. It is a huge help if the firehouses that receive toys can get them down to the Toy Program. Please try to help by dropping off the donated toys. We are located at Old Station 30 at 3rd and 4th St.

· The Toy Program is now open Monday thru Friday 8:00 - 4:00 daily; Saturdays in December 8:00 - 3:00.
· The schedule of Christmas events requesting off-duty firefighters in uniform will be posted at the Toys and distributed via e-mail to
the firehouses during the season; please try to make yourself available. Feel free to call anytime to check what is available.
· The Santa’s Workshop on Wheels will be going to visit schools and will need a crew of four for each visit. This will be posted as well.
· Please remember to sign in every day that you volunteer; the sign in sheet is located by the phone closet outside the kitchen.


· November 1 Toy applications will be in firehouses
· November 21 Kick-Off Lunch
· November 29 Bimbo’s Dance Party
· December 2 First day to hand out toys
· December 23 Last day to hand out toys


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